11443 & 11438  Humerus set

Product information

The forearm traction device is made to position the upper arm of a side lying patient and to get a broken forearm in correct position for plastering.


It is intended to use with any kind of hand traction device which can hold the fingers of the patient in a fixed position. The arm support and the traction device shall be connected to the operating table by means of rotatable clamps.


A rough positioning is made by pulling the traction device in the sleeve, lock the position and then make the final adjustment by turning the crank until the broken arm is in correct position.


Recommended clamps:

10-304 alt 10-308

Length: 15 cm
Width: 68 cm
Height: 82 cm 
Adjustment rough: 20 cm
Adjustment smooth: 20 cm
Adjustment angel hand traction: 40°
Rotation hand traction: 360°